Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dreaming In Salmon Tones

Blazer: Madison Marcus   Pants: Asos  Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell, Miramar

I recently turned twenty on March 22nd 2011, and I have come to two big spontaneous realizations while I was driving that I saved in the notes section on my phone:

• I have little patience for things. I need instant gratification

• Being an adult sucks, everything in your life is dictated by the concept of time, how much time you have to accomplish something, TIME, TIME TIME…

I guess I am slightly overwhelmed by the act of growing up. So to console myself with the lost of my childhood, I deal the best way I know how—shopping. Recently I’ve been obsessed with all salmon colored garments. Not only is it soft and ‘feminine’, it can also be pared with ‘masculine’ colors.

On another note these are my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s, and I must say I am impressed. The quality of the leather is pretty good, and they are ridiculously comfortable, though I get people always asking me if I ever tip over.

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