Monday, October 04, 2010

Bubble Tea & Lunch Date

Dress: Rampage  Jewlery: My moms  Necklase: Gift  Shoes: Forever21

 Just remembering this day almost brings tears to my eyes, it was when Minnesota was hot as hell & i could walk around in short dresses. Furthermore as you can see I've kinda jumped ship from posting about Cali, mostly because i have thousands of pics from Cali. But on this day me & Phi went walking around uptown, grabbed some bubble-tea, shopped around in hipster paradise UrbanOuttfiters, and had lunch at Amazing Thailand. And the name speaks for itself the food is fucking AMAAZING. We discovered this spot a while ago whilst we just aimlessly wandering around uptown.

But as far as what's going on right now, I got new job at this place which sells designer brands for 70% off retail price, so i work around really high end brands & its pretty much my version of heaven. Surprisingly though i haven't really been doing much shopping, ive just mostly been focusing on FOOD! But i did splurge on this wonderful Rebecca Taylor dress, that i got at my work. I got it for pretty cheap so the miser in me was verrry verry happy. And during this time I recently turned single, so im on the lookout for hot & sexy dress 'come hither' kinda of dress, & i want it to be white.

The best part of my job though would have to be people watching, we get in the strangest people, whom make me appear normal. But this job has really given me an insight into people's psyche's, i suppose you could say. But ok...Im saying alot of weird mundane shit so bye ^_^


  1. Hi, that is a fantastic dress on you! I love that it has a high neckline, letting your legs take the spotlight. just fab :)

  2. you are gorgeous! what a beautiful dress. i LOVE this blog, so happy to have found it. I'm an MN fashion/lifestyle blogger, new to the scene! Enjoying what fashionistas from MN put out! <3