Friday, July 30, 2010

Californian Dreaming: Day 3

Blazer: H&M  Romper: Mossimo  Ring: Avon  Necklase: Vintage Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

I just realized today while watching a commercial for the ‘Best 50 Rock Hits’, well the actual title of the product being advertized kind of escapes me but it’s something close to the latter stated above, I’ve totally abandoned my love for listening to rock & roll. Ah well. Moving on, I took these before my family and I went to the garment district, however the temperature kept on rising so I changed into the outfit from the previous post...But jumping to the present, I’m currently watching Family Guy and I’m realizing Squidbillies is a much better show. Seriously, the things I notice when I’m bored. And I still have not looked up Kurt Vonnegut even though I was at the library yesterday… Speaking of which I took my boyfriend along to the library to re-inspire his desire to start writing again by having him read books. Now in my world the library is somewhere I can immerse myself in the reality presented in a book and ignore the bustling reality going on around me. He on the other hand seemed a bit restless and unable to find his center and immerse himself in the books he & I had chosen. So Ive come up with a new plan. I’m gonna drop him off at the library, leave him there, and only come pick him after he’s been there for a few hours. That shall be added to my to-do list…which continues to grow at an exponential rate 