Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preen Fall 2010

The design duo Preen is one my fav's, they have a feminine & ethereal quality about their clothes similar to  Marchesa. But unlike Marchesa they tend to play with structure alot and tend to be desceptively simple yet edgy For this collection they mixed alot of feminine aspects with alot of masculine aspects. The color palette and use of texture in some instances are absolutely gorgeous. I heart Preen & this collection! Gimme Gimme one of everything


  1. wow, the colour palette of this collection is stunning. Love the shapes, too

  2. The first pink dress and the first black & lace dress are to die for. There's something so reliable about Preen that really is just a comfort.

  3. Yeah the color palette is very gorgeous exp. the coralish(?) pink.